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Expert Witness and Advice Services

Expert witness advice includes placing requests, SEN and ASNT tribunals, Industrial Tribunals, the effects of road traffic accidents and other trauma, education disputes, child welfare, and custody and access matters.


  1. A former pupil, now an adult, who felt his opportunities had been seriously limited due to deficiencies in his earlier education. We were able to investigate the education he had received, assess his current standing and provide expert opinion suitable for court presentation.
  2. An adult sustained serious head and other injuries in a road traffic accident. A substantial insurance claim was made to care for him for the rest of his life. We reported to the court on the quality of his current support, on the prospects for his future development, and on suitable support that might be advisable now.
  3. A pupil was seriously injured during an incident in a school. A claim was made alleging negligence resulting in limited future opportunities. We were able to assess the young person and provide an opinion and information on the possibilities for his future before and after the incident.
  4. A child’s father claimed the child’s mother was an unsuitable person to raise the child. We carried out an assessment of the child and of the circumstances of her upbringing - both actual and potential - and were able to give an opinion on the matter.
  5. An industrial development was proposed near a specialist school for vulnerable young people. The school objected. We provided advice to the court hearing in respect of the potential impact of the proposed development.
  6. A baby was removed from its parents shortly after birth and put forward for adoption. The parents objected. We made an assessment of the situation and gave advice for the court.
  7. We consult and advise on Additional Support Needs Tribunals (ASNTs) in Scotland and England for either party 
  • parents wanted a particular school but their local authority wanted a different school
  • a local authority wanted a particular support for a pupil but parents wanted a different support
  • parents and young person believed they had been discriminated against (in terms of the 2010 Equality Act) but their local authority disagreed
  1. We consult and advise on Employment Tribunals for either party.
  • an employee was injured in an incident at work. His employers did not dispute this. The employee felt his future life opportunities were limited as a result of the incident. His employers sought an expert opinion on this.
  • an employee who was dismissed felt she had a specific learning difficulty which rendered her disabled and which her employers did not take into account. Her employers disagreed, their view being that she was incompetent.


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