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Services to Management

These include policy and practice development, research, assessment of provision, and staff selection and supervision support. We can also provide independent individual assessments, advice and opinion.

Samples of the services to management we can provide:

  • Information gathering and research
  • Staff selection support
  • Resource allocation systems
  • Policy and Practice drafting
  • Independent staff supervision and support
  • Special provision evaluation


  1. Development of a comprehensive set of practice guidelines for a Local Education Authority’s Educational Psychology Service. This covered all main areas of professional practice as well as operational guidelines (eg, flexi-time working, home visits and annual leave).
  2. We evaluated a special school about which the Local Education Authority had some concerns. By providing information and advice for change, we were able to assist the Local Authority in developing the quality of the education provided by the school.
  3. Independent assessment of needs between a parent and an education provider in a disputed case.

Other services: Staff Development & Training  Expert Witness & Advice Training  Individual Casework