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assessment_dadi.jpgDADI details a set of practical skills against which the dependency level of an adult with a learning disability can be objectively assessed. The tool applies to anyone aged from 16 upwards and informs decision-making about their disability status, giving dependency ratings of High, Medium or Low. A key feature is that DADI is wholly participative and involves the assessed person as an equal partner. In addition, DADI indicates next steps in further skill development. Although DADI is straightforward and user-friendly, it is advised that the assessment process is led by a Social Worker or other person familiar with learning disabilities, such as a parent or other relative.

The content comprises 21 areas reflecting competencies for everyday life:

  • Social Skills
  • Fire Safety
  • Shopping
  • Leisure Activities
  • Home Security
  • Employment
  • Banking & Budgeting
  • Personal
  • Health Care
  • Using Cash
  • Home Media
  • Personal Care
  • Telephones
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Home Care
  • Public Transport
  • Toileting
  • Food Preparation
  • Local Travel
  • Sex
  • Electrics and Gas
  • Road Sense


Taken together, the 21 competency areas form a rounded assessment of independence for daily life. The areas can also be used individually or in groups to assess particular dependencies and needs.

Suitable for use by: Social Workers, Teachers, Parents
Suitable for use with: Adults
Suitable for use alongside existing assessments

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