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assessment_money.jpgNuts & Bolts Money sets out the essential skills for understanding and using cash in everyday transactions. It can be used to achieve rapid results with learners of any age.

Nuts & Bolts Money has 3 sections:

  • Naming & ordering coins and notes up to £10
  • Equivalent amounts in different coins and notes
  • Correct change from up to £10


Each section sets out, step-by-step and in detail, the essential skills that lead to fluency in that area. This includes practice materials (worksheets which can be re-printed or photocopied) for each step along with a specification of the standards that must be reached before moving to the next step. The steps have been carefully chosen to allow overlaps and connections between sections so as continually to re-enforce learning. Nuts & Bolts Money can be used as a complete curriculum, or particular parts can be used to address specific weaknesses.

Other than a collection of all Sterling coins and notes up to £10 (real or facsimile) there is no requirement for additional materials or particular teaching methods: any preferred teaching methods can be used. All worksheets necessary to develop fluency are provided.

Suitable for use by: Teachers, Parents, Social Workers 
Suitable for use with: Children, Adults
Suitable for use alongside existing schemes

Price per Unit (piece): £42.00 Order Materials