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assessment_reading.jpg42% of English school pupils are not fluent readers by the time they leave school. Scaffold Reading provides the focus and structure necessary for rapid and effective learning. Scaffold sets out simply and sequentially the sounds and words - graded from single letter sounds to words with complex phonic blends - that form the foundations of fluent reading. It includes the means of assessing attainments and gaps, setting learning objectives and practising the skills involved.

Scaffold Reading contains three overlapping sections:

  • Key Words and Basic Sight Vocabulary
  • Phonics Foundation
  • Phonics


Scaffold does not contain reading passages. Any reading scheme or other reading material can be used with Scaffold. This allows learners at different skill stages to practise their Scaffold learning on reading suitable for their maturity, interests and needs. Scaffold is suitable for all ages, including adults. National average age-equivalents are provided for each step.

Attainment of the standards laid down for each of the Scaffold steps indicates that the learner is a fluent reader for everyday purposes.

Suitable for use by: Teachers, Parents
Suitable for use with: Children, Adults 
Suitable for use alongside existing schemes

Price per Unit (piece): £86.00 Order Materials